Metarri is a decentralized placeholder AppStore for Web3, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Apps and Games. 

We are building an AppStore for the metaverse that allows both app developers (Creators) and app explorers (Users) to access thousands of apps and games to catch all the fun in the metaverse.

Who We Are

 We are building the placeholder for virtual and augmented reality-based apps, including games, utility tools, finance, virtual event centres, virtual offices, and lots more. We call the Metarri Appstore a marketplace where CREATORS and EXPLORERS can explore, purchase, and download apps of all kinds. To be a part of this incredible experience, please join us on our waitlist by clicking the link below.

What Problems Are We Solving?

The Metaverse is just the virtual version of the universe we all live in, and just like in the real world, several utilities (Dapps) have already been built for the virtual world. As the number of these apps continue to grow, so does the need for a placeholder.

The current authentication mode for web3 applications requires you to always connect your wallet to every website you want to access any Dapps/games. Now imagine connecting your wallet to 100 websites to get 100 apps/games and putting your wallet at risk

What will your response be if I ask where I can find Metaverse Apps (AR/VR, Blockchain)? None

Our Solutions



Metarri aims to reduce such tasks and risks by allowing users to connect to only one app (Metarri) and authenticate every other app to which they are granted access.



Metarri is building a placeholder for virtual and augmented reality-based apps, such as games, utility tools, finance, virtual event centers, and virtual offices.

Our Winning Formula

Wallet Integration for App Management
A system that allows users to connect their wallet to just metarri in order to access various applications, thereby reducing risks.

Ease of Use
Navigate through the platform’s various App categories with ease. There is also a low subscription fee for explorers.

Crypto Platform
Crypto-platform-Metarri accepts a variety of cryptocurrency payments for marketplace app purchases.

PWA/TWA feature
Use of cutting-edge PWA and TWA technology to run on as many platforms as possible without compromising functionality.